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I believe that…Health and Fitness Matters.


What does that mean for you?


Above all, Health and Fitness Matters aspires to act as a virtual teacher, coach, and peer, helping you figure out what works for you, and what doesn’t: Health and Fitness Matters wants to show you how health and fitness really does matter in how you feel, and most importantly, how you live.


On Health and Fitness Matters, you’ll find scientifically supported information on nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and health.


You’ll always leave Health and Fitness Matters feeling like you’ve opened a new chapter of your fitness education.


About Us

At Health and Fitness Matters, we understand that not everyone is a professional athlete, but everyone has the ability to set and achieve goals with the right education and support.


Founded by former Coach, J. Spann, Health and Fitness Matters helps you make the present powerful, one step at a time.

Coach Spann states: “During my 43 years of teaching and coaching in middle school and high school, my job entailed developing my students’ minds as well as their bodies. The many years of being involved with coaching, athletic conditioning, – including proper diet and nutrition – athletic training workshops, and basketball/tennis coaching conferences, has given me a large amount of knowledge about health and fitness. Furthermore, working with the players has given me the life-long motivation to stay fit and healthy.

Many high school and former college athletes who don’t make it to the next level, tend to lose interest in physical fitness and begin to go down hill, physically, later on in their lives. Other, non-athletic individuals who are concerned about their health, are looking for ways to lose weight and change their eating habits.

Because of my interest and experience in physical fitness, I decided to create a blog called Fitness and Health Matters. My goal is to provide a place where my former players and other individuals who are looking for ways to get fit and improve their health can go to and find simple, practical, and effective tips and news related to weight loss, workout routines, health and wellness, diet, and nutritional supplements.”


What Fitness And Health Matters Believe In:


  • Safe, scientifically sound diet and weight loss advice
  • Whole nutrition and balanced diet
  • The power of physical activity to improve health and increase vitality
  • The ability to create positive, transformative interpersonal change through health education


About Us


James Spann