An Apple A Day Does Much More Than Keeping The Doctor Away – So Do Statins

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an apple a day

A study published in the BMJ  stated that researchers believe eating an apple a day could decrease the yearly number of cardiovascular deaths in the UK by 8,500, while the daily use of statin could reduce the number of deaths by 9,400.

Make Eating An Apple A Day Part Of A Lifestyle Change…

The Researchers from the University of Oxford in the UK also emphasized that heart disease  can only be defeated by making  complete lifestyle changes. However, they said that the use of statins may decrease a person’s chance of having a stroke or heart attack including those at high risk of cardiovascular disease. High cholesterol, which may cause heart disease or a stroke, is treated by using a class of drugs called statins. There is growing support from researchers supporting the use of statins, in spite of some adverse side effects. Doctors in the UK are calling for more widespread use of the drug, especially in those over 50 years old. an apple a day

How An Apple A Day & Use Of Statins Affect Mortality Rate

The investigators decided to investigate how the use of statins would affect the rate of cardiovascular  deaths in people 50 years of age and over in the UK population. They would then compare these results with the effects of eating an apple of day. Using a mathematical formula, they estimated the number of annual vascular deaths that would be reduced if the total over-50 UK population were prescribed either a statin or an apple a day. Based on their mathematical calculations, the researchers concluded that if 17.6 million people in the UK took a statin a day, the number of vascular deaths would decrease by 9,400. If 22 million people over the age of 50 ate an apple a day, the number of cardiovascular deaths would be reduced by 8,500.

Evidence Of Study About An Apple A Day Undeniable

The researchers concluded that small changes in diet coupled with an increased use of statins could markedly decrease cardiovascular deaths in the UK and perhaps the world. One of the researchers, Dr. Adam Briggs stated: “The Victorians had it about right when they came up with their brilliantly clear and simple public health advice:  “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ It just shows how effective small changes in diet can be, and that both drugs and healthier living can make a real difference in preventing heart disease and stroke.” an apple a day The take home point is:  Eating more fruit – including apples – can improve an individual’s health. Past research has shown apples and other fruits may reduce the risk of acquiring hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. At the same time, the research showed that statins – for those who need them – play a key role in maintaining good health and an efficient cardiovascular system. While eating an apple a day has been proven to be beneficial, individuals need to change their overall lifestyle In order to maintain good health. This includes – but are not limited to – eating right and regular exercise.  

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