Do You Want Miley Cyrus’s Slim Physique And Tight Core Muscles? Incorporate These Exercises Into Your Workout Plan.

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People who were getting all worked up over teddy bear costumes and extended tongues at the VMAs may have been too overwrought to notice: Mylie Cyrus is all grown up and she has a rockin’ bod and a super fantastic workout plan.

Want to sculpt a body like hers? You’ll need a workout plan that includes both aerobic and strength training.

Workout Plan – It’s All About the Core

The sort of dance moves that Mylie does on the stage require strong core muscles. Expert trainers say that lots of crunches are the way to go to help build up abdominal muscles. Make sure that you maintain a good form to avoid injury and get the most benefit from the exercise. Your feet should be flat on the floor. If you put your hands behind your head, make sure you do not pull your head up with your hands. Your abs need to do the work.

Workout Plan – Intense Pilates Workouts

Miley Cyrus says that Pilates is a big part of her workout plan. But, we’re not talking the slow and stretchy relaxing kind of exercises. Many Pilates gurus focus on the “Control” and “Center” principles, which are great for that mind/body connection. But, to get the strong core that creates abs like Miley’s, you need to intensify your workout.

Advanced Pilates involves long intervals with some of the more difficult forms such as Pilates Hundreds. If you are unable to maintain the forms correctly, start with easier Pilates exercises and build up to the more advanced ones. It’s vital to do the recommended number of reps in order to get the enhanced core strength this workout plan promises.

Workout Plan – Twerk It While You Work It

Crunches and Pilates alone aren’t gonna do it. You need aerobic exercise, too. Many fitness pros are jumping on Mylie’s signature move and incorporating it into dance-oriented fitness training. If you’ve ever tried twerking, you know that it’s tougher than it looks. It requires strong muscles in your legs and torso.

By incorporating dance in your workout plan, you can get cardio into daily workouts while keeping them varied and fun. Experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes per day of aerobic activity. Picking a few favorite tunes and incorporating high energy dance can help you tone and improve cardiovascular health at the same time.

The combination of high energy dance and serious ab development in your workout plan is what it takes to get that slim and strong body. Have fun and keep up the effort everyday to feel stronger and happier while looking your best.

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