What’s Right About Fad Diets?

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fad diets

In a world rife with fad diets, many young people are lured by the false promises of quick weight loss and renewed vigor: hence, the popularity of ineffective and unnecessary juice diets, cleanses, and “body re-sets”.


Be it a cleanse, detox, or other juice-oriented eating plan, fad diets ultimately fail to deliver long-lasting results.


However, they do get some things right: Fad diets hook consumers for a reason. So what are those hooks, why do they boost our motivation, and how can we use those driving forces to promote real, lasting, healthy weight loss?


Fad Diets Motivate Us


fad diets

Every lifestyle change starts with a motivator: there is something we want to obtain, and we’re willing to change our current way of life to achieve that goal.


Even if your intended destination is good, you have to choose the right route to end up where you want to be. A fad diet is not that route: fad diets only last for a short period of time. To lose weight and keep it off, you need to change your behavior long-term, and to succeed in doing so, you have to be sufficiently motivated.


Instead of focusing on drastic and limiting diet plans, focus on what you want, what motivates you: whether you want to lose ten lbs or fifty, having a vision of the rewards awaiting you towards can help you stick with a long-term lifestyle change.


Fad Diets Get Us To Actually Consume Vegetables


fad diets

According to government-issued dietary surveys, less than 15% of the US population consumes enough vegetables.


Although fad diets promote many harmful weight loss methods, promoting vegetable consumption to improve weight loss is an effective and beneficial tool to reduce Caloric (thereby promoting weight loss) without throwing yourself into hunger overdrive.


Fad Diets Get Us To Stop Eating At Restaurants


fad diets

Fad diets almost always put the kibosh on fast food and restaurant dining of any sort.


Is it possible to eat out and still lose weight? Yes.


Is it difficult? Absolutely.


Which is why it’s always best to prepare the majority of our meals at home, unless you have access to a restaurant’s nutritional information.


Picking a “healthy option” isn’t as simple as looking for a vegetarian option, or a gluten-free option, or even eating at Subway: very few menu items can be ordered without modifications and still fit the bill for a healthy meal.


Take Subway- none of the subs offered on the “fit” menu include condiments, sauces, or cheese, nor do they include sides. While many dieters are smart enough to forgo a bag of chips, few would abstain from adding “a little” sauce or cheese to their sandwich.


There is one incredible benefit to eating at Subway, though, a perk shared with other fast food and quick service restaurants thanks to laws requiring the aforementioned Nutritional Labeling for chain restaurants.


This information allows you to deduce whether an item is actually healthy, despite it being from a restaurant that you would assume is otherwise (say, a grilled chicken salad from McDonalds), or being completely unhealthy, despite coming from a restaurant that you would assume is (a burrito or bowl from Chipotle).


Many dieters would just as soon avoid the numbers game altogether and make healthy meals at home, where they can account for Calorie, portion size, and fat.


Fad Diets Inspire Us To Create A Network


fad diets

Fad diets inspire us to reach out to other people who are going through the same things we are- “Oh my gosh, are you on the cayenne pepper infusion, too?!”


Change is hard, and the support of like-minded individuals makes it easier. Groups like Weight Watchers and Spark People popularized upon this group weight loss concept, employing healthy weight loss methods and group motivation to promote long-term success.


Cast your net wide: recruit friends, family members, and coworkers to join you, or join a weight loss group in your area.


Fad Diets Help Us Realize What Works, And What Doesn’t

fad diets

You learn, quite quickly, whether or not sticking to an all-juice diet, meal delivery system, or meal replacement shake program is going to help you long-term.


A few days, a week, a month at best: eventually, you can’t stomach another canned shake or kale and beet juice cocktail. At that point, you throw in the towel, discouraged.


Once that happens, look up and realizse that fads don’t work. No method, however brutal in the short-term, is going to promote long-lasting results. The only thing that promotes lasting results? Enduring change.


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