Circuit And Flexibility Exercises: Their Differences and Techniques

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Fitness programs with circuit and flexibility exercises are some of the things that you can include in your fitness routines. These two types of fitness exercises are different from one another and have different techniques to offer.

Importance Of Flexibility Exercises

flexibility exercises

Injuries that are caused by muscle twitches and faulty muscle elasticity can be reduced with flexibility exercises. Slow and gentle stretching must be used if you want to include this exercise method in your fitness routines. The hamstring stretch, torso stretch, and the quadriceps stretch are examples of flexibility exercise techniques.

Flexibility Exercises: Hamstring Stretches

flexibility exercises


In the hamstring stretches, you will use your back thigh muscles. There are four steps you have to do for these flexibility exercises during your fitness routines.

First, you have to lie flat on a floor while stretching your legs in front of you and keeping your arms at your sides. Second, flex your right knee while planting your right foot firmly on the floor. Third, loop a long towel below on your left foot and grab the ends of the towel with both of your hands. Fourth, pull the towel to lift your left leg off the floor. While straightening your left leg, continue lifting it as much as possible until you feel your left back thigh muscle burn. Once you feel a muscle burn, hold your lifting position for at least 10 seconds. You should also apply these four steps to your other leg.

Flexibility Exercises: The Torso Stretches

In the torso stretches, you will use your waist muscles. These flexibility exercises should be done when sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. First, you have to let your arms hang at both sides of your body. Second, bend your body at one side by bending at your waist. You should do the second step while keeping your head facing forward. During your fitness routines, repeat all of the steps on your other waist.

Flexibility Exercises:  The Quadriceps Stretches

flexibility exercises

Other flexibility exercises include the quadriceps stretches. You will use your back and front thigh muscles during these fitness routines. First, you have to raise your right heel towards your right buttock. You can do this by grabbing your right heel with your right hand. Make sure that you are balancing on your left foot while retaining this position for 2 to 3 seconds. Do these things with your left heel as well.

Examples Of Circuit Exercises

The circuit exercise method involves using one exercise technique for 30 seconds to 5 minutes before moving to another exercise technique. It can help intensify your strength and burn your calories during your fitness routines.

Some of the examples of circuit exercises that you can include in your fitness routines are the biceps curls and the dumbbell lateral raise.

In the biceps curls, you will use your upper arm muscles. Just stand with a dumbbell in each of your hand with your arms extended at the sides of your body. Make sure that the palms of your hands are facing forward. Then raise the dumbbells to your shoulders.

In the dumbbell lateral raise, you should let your hands hang at both sides of your body while holding a dumbbell in each of your hand. Make sure that your palms are facing the sides of your body. After that, lift your dumbbells to the sides of your body until they reach your shoulders.

This information will help you know the differences between circuit and flexibility exercises that you can include in your fitness routines.

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