4 Important Health Benefits Of Good Posture

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Posture refers to the positioning or structural alignment of a person’s body. Different positions are defined by different names, all of which are different body postures. For instances, some tasks may require a standing posture, others sitting.  Good posture is necessary in order to minimize stress on tendons, joints and ligaments.

Just as we promote other healthy behaviors—like getting enough sleep eating vegetables, drinking water, and exercising—we need to encourage each other to mind their posture at all times.

Just like your mother use to tell you, “Sit up straight”. There really are great benefits to practicing good posture — and they extend far beyond how much better you look in the mirror. Below are four ways straightening your stance positively influences your body and mind.

Good posture can lift your confidence.

Strong, confident posture can affect how others see us, but it can also change how we see ourselves? Research suggests that when we exercise proper posture, we tend to have a little more self-esteem and believe in our own abilities more than when we’re slouching. Big work presentations, important interviews,  and first dates have nothing on you, if you improve your posture.

It may give you an energy boost.

We’ve all fallen victim to that afternoon slump — but before you down your third cup of coffee, check how you’re sitting. A little stretch and adjustment to your posture may help give you the stamina boost you so desperately need when 3 p.m. rolls around. According to research published in the journal Biofeedback, standing or sitting straight can also rectify decreased energy and feelings of depression that come with poor posture.

It can help reduce your stress.

A recent study published in Health Psychology found that sitting straight when you’re stressed out can bring a more relaxed feeling and cut out those negative emotions. Additionally, a straighter stance can also lift your mood.

When you’re slouched, you’re limiting prime air flow. Sitting up or standing straight can increase your oxygen intake by about 30 percent. Good posture opens your chest cavity and allows more oxygen to enter the body and brain, contributing to an energy boost mentioned above. Additionally, more oxygen results in better breathing, which is your body’s natural way of keeping you relaxed.

It could make you more productive at work or school

Getting through those tasks may be as simple as changing the way you’re sitting. Proper posture allows your body to expand and signals to your brain that you’re in a position of power, which then leads to a productivity boost. Additional energy and a more relaxed disposition allows you to focus more precisely and complete the task at hand with more efficiency than if you were in a slouched posture.

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