Must Follow Rules of Gym Etiquette

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What Are The Rules Of Gym Etiquette?

gym etiquette

When you go to the gym, remember you are not the only one there. You’re in a social setting. Make sure you follow all the gym etiquette rules. The first rule is that you should always wipe up after yourself when you have finished using the equipment. Most places have clean towels at the front desk or near the exercise equipment for wiping away sweat on your body or on the exercise equipment. Make sure that you use these. If there are no towels available, make sure you bring your own.

Gym Etiquette – To Spot Or Not To Spot?

gym etiquette

If someone offers you assistance when lifting heavy weights, it is fine to accept their help to spot you if you are sure that they are physically capable of helping you. If you think someone else needs help with spotting, try not to interrupt their exercise routine, especially if you do not feel physically capable of helping. If a personal trainer is available, let them help instead.

Gym Etiquette – Don’t Crowd Me, Man


gym etiquette

Another important gym etiquette rule is to give other people their space when they need to use the equipment. Try to stay back at least six feet so that they are not crowded. If the space seems crowded, then inform the manager that more room is needed to perform exercises so that everyone can be comfortable.

Gym Etiquette – Who Changed The Settings?

gym etiquette

When using weight machines or other equipment with special settings, leave the equipment how you found it. If no one else is using the equipment, it is okay to change the settings for your own exercises. However, once you are finished, set it back to how you found it.

Gym Etiquette – It’s Not Me, Man

gym etiquette

Having good hygiene is very crucial gym etiquette rule. Try not to offend the people around you with strong scents or body odor. Make sure that you shower before and after your workout, and use deodorant to decrease body odor. Some gyms offer a pool or hot tub soak for after your workout. If so, you may want to use these, however, you should shower before you get in the pool or hot tub, and use soap.

Gym Etiquette – I’m Not Your Mother. Clean Up Your Own Mess.

gym etiquette

You must always clean up after yourself at the gym. In addition to wiping your sweat up from the exercise equipment, remove your personal belongings, such as towels, clothes and sports drinks from the equipment when you are finished using it. This will prevent clutter being left for the next user. Also, pick up any crumbs or food that you have eaten during your workout. Many gyms do not allow food in the workout area, so make sure you check the gym etiquette rules beforehand, and do not bring in food if it is prohibited.

Gym Etiquette – Take Your Time. I have All Day

gym etiquette

Do not monopolize the equipment. Try to be considerate of other users at the facility so that everyone has a turn to use the equipment. If someone is waiting to use a piece of machinery, and you have already been using it for some time, do not try to reserve it or monopolize it. Give the other person a chance to use it.

Similarly, other users should obey gym etiquette rules by being considerate of you too. If you want to use some equipment that another person has been using for a long period of time, this is not reasonable. You can politely ask them to share the equipment. If they refuse, do not get into a heated disagreement with them, as this may lead to you being asked to leave the premises, and you may even lose your membership. Instead, it is better to approach a personal trainer or an employee there and make your complaint to them.

Gym Etiquette – Hard To Concentrate

gym etiquette

Make sure that you read the gym etiquette rules with respect to clothing and adhere to them properly. In most cases, you should always wear a shirt to cover the top half of your body. Wear closed toe shoes so that your feet do not get injured on a piece of equipment. Do not wear jeans. Not only is it uncomfortable working out in jeans, but it can ruin the vinyl covering on the exercise equipment. Many gyms have rules about what is appropriate attire and what is not. If you are in doubt, always ask an employee or get a copy of the clothing guidelines. Try not to wear clothing that may offend others, such as anything that is skimpy, tight or overly revealing.

Remember, you do not want to get kicked out of your club for not obeying the gym etiquette rules. So follow all the guidelines and show proper respect for your fellow gym users as well as the workers at the facility.

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