Lift Weights To Lose Weight

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Lift Weights In Order To Lose Weight

Lift to Lose

As an athlete who has been into exercise in one form or another for most of my life, I’ve learned a thing or two about the importance of resistance training.

Some type of weight training MUST be a part of your regular exercise routine. Sure, you can cut your calories in half, or spend a lot of time doing cardio to lose some pounds, but I can promise you that if you desire an healthy appearance and highly operating body, you must work in some resistance training.

In regards to weight training for weight reduction, it is important to set a few key points out there. Firstly, you will not get BIG from lifting weights. You get “huge” from overconsumption of energy (calories), which can be converted into fat or muscle predicated on the types of foods you eat as well as the exercise you do.

Secondly, you can lift more than you believe–and you should (with the help of a spotter, if necessary). And eventually, if weight training is done correctly you will likely be sore the day or two after your workouts (particularly if you’re a newcomer to resistance exercise). This really is known as delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, and it is a normal reaction to weight training. Make sure to stretch, drink plenty of water and incorporate sound nutrition to help your body recover quickly between work outs.

Lift to Lose2

Here are six crucial points to remember while working toward your weight- or fat-loss goals.  While lifting weights, remember (as I said previously) that weight does say a whole lot about your body appearance as well as your health. I just turned 72 years old, but I know that age is only a number IF you work out and eat a healthy diet regularly. This is not just about theory, because I have practiced and lived what I now preach. Keep that in mind as you work toward YOUR personal targets.

1. You won’t get results lifting the same weights over and over again. You must periodically and gradually increase you resistance and/or number of repetitions.  Go up in the weight and repetitions and you will eventually increase your strength and muscle mass. Increase your muscle mass and you will improve your metabolic rate. Increase your metabolic rate and you will burn off more calories. Burn more calories than you consume and you will shed weight. 

2. Intensity. You don’t have to spend more than 25 to 35 minutes on your weight workouts. Actually, you could cut this down to about 18 minutes. The key will be to work hard throughout the whole workout, keeping your heart rate elevated and minimizing rest.

3. You need to push past your comfort zone, if you want your body to transform. You can’t expect results doing the same thing you’ve always done–that’s called madness, right? You’re driving it to react and to transform by shoving your body out of its own comfort zone. Make your body work for you, and do not be scared to fail.

4. Do hybrids and supersets. Combining a squat with a squat with a shoulder press or a lunge are examples of hybrid exercises. Integrating these into your weight-training workouts can raise the intensity of your training, which is ideal for losing weight.

5. Circuit Training. Circuit training is a great strategy to get in multiple exercises. You can focus on your upper body, lower body, or total body while keeping the intensity up. Naturally, you nevertheless want to focus on using weights that are heavy. Just explore the internet for great circuit training workouts. Transfer quickly from exercise to exercise and rest for a minute at the end of every round. 

6. Do exercises that will include all of the body’s main muscle groups, such as upper body, lower body, torso, and limbs.

Good Luck and HAVE FUN WORKING OUT!!!!


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