7 Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

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7 Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet 


Mediterranean Diet

Are you wondering if the Mediterranean Diet would be a good choice to help you lose weight?


This is a popular diet that a lot of people follow to lose excess pounds.


Like any other diet plan, it has its advantages and disadvantages and whether you lose weight or not will be basically up to you. If you follow the diet and adhere to it, then yes, you should lose weight.


If you have heard of the Mediterranean Diet but aren’t exactly clear what it is, read on to find out more details.


What is the Mediterranean Diet? 


This diet is actually a concept more than a specific protocol.


After all, the Mediterranean region has more than one country and each has its own dietary preferences. For example, people in Italy eat a bit differently than people in Greece.


Mediterranean Diet

Rather, it is made up of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid.


Oldways, which is a non profit food think tank located in Boston, worked with the Harvard School of Public Health to develop a dietary lifestyle that leans heavily on fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains, legumes, nuts, olive oil, plus herbs and spices. Fish and seafood are to be eaten twice a week or more. You can also have cheese, yogurt, poultry and eggs in moderation.


Red meats and dessert are eaten only occasionally.


Is it a balanced diet?


Is the Mediterranean Diet Balanced?



This diet is well balanced nutritionally, so you won’t have any worries on that score.


Mediterranean Diet

Too many fad diets are not nutritionally balanced. You wouldn’t be able to stay on one of those long term or as a way of life because it would damage or compromise your health.


Not so with the Mediterranean menu since it has a wide variety of choices from all of the food groups.


What are the benefits of this diet?


Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet


Mediterranean Diet

You might be asking yourself if there are any specific benefits to this diet as opposed to others such as the Atkins Diet or the Dash Diet.


Here are 7 key benefits of eating the Mediterranean way:


  1. Easy to follow. The diet doesn’t ban entire food groups, so it is easy to follow it without falling off the wagon too often and bingeing.
  2. Convenient. This diet is convenient to prepare and you can eat out and stick to it, as well.
  3. Satisfying. You don’t have to go hungry on this diet and it is easier to stay on it since you’re full and feel satisfied after you eat.
  4. Taste. This is an extremely tasty diet plan with lots of variety, herbs and spices to make it delicious.
  5. Cost. This diet doesn’t require you to buy special prepackaged meals and you can follow it without spending a fortune on food.
  6. Cardiovascular benefits. This diet has been shown to be heart healthy and since it is low sodium, may help to reduce your blood pressure, too.
  7. Good for diabetics. Those with Type I or Type II Diabetes will find this a healthy diet that can help lower blood sugar.


The Mediterranean Diet may have much to offer if you want a healthy way to lose weight!


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