Is There Too Much Technology In The Gym These Days?

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Is There Too Much Technology In The Gym These Days?

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There was a time when people  went to the gym to not only work out, but they also looked forward to a little conversation and the opportunity to connect with  and maybe share workout ideas with new individuals .

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About 15 years ago, things were different. I remember going to the Downtown YMCA. I always looked forward to working out, shooting the breeze, and playing basketball with other members. It was lively – a lot of grunting, talking loud, encouraging, and competing against each other.

Now, let’s move the clock forward to 2016. The gym has been transformed into a completely new environment. I am now a member of LA Fitness. I try to go and work out at least 3 days a week, sometimes more. Today, you don’t find that same type excitement, comradery, and belonging. Except for a few niches here and there, it’s now every man or woman for themselves.

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I think, to a point, technology has caused these changes. A few days ago, I was working out on this treadmill when this guy hops onto the machine next to me and proceeds to speak loudly into his smartphone, forecasting his business to all who were close enough to hear him.

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To keep from being annoyed, I moved on from the treadmill to the free weights section to do my biceps curls. As I took my seat on the bench, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone around me had ear phones on. When you are wearing earphones, you’re usually saying to others: “I don’t won’t to be bothered”.

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As I look across the room, I see a woman doing sit-ups while at the same time trying to keep her eyes on her tablet. Next to her, a young male is sitting at the abdominal press; he’s hunched over his phone, sending text messages instead of doing crunches. Lastly, there are the selfie-takers, posing and reposing their bodies to get the perfect picture for their next social media post.

I’m willing to simply deal with the situation unless someone is outright distracted or hogging machines – which is unfair to those waiting to use the same equipment – or producing an unsafe environment for themselves or other individuals.

Are we overusing technology in the gym? Have we gone too far? What do you think?

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