How To Break Your Sugar Addiction

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How To Break Your Sugar Addiction

sugar addiction

Some people are more than aware of the fact that their preference for sweet and sugary foods has become problematic. Without these treats, many individuals become irritable, restless and even physically ill. These are all signs of sugar addiction which has become an increasingly common problem. Many consumers are investing in foods and food products that are loaded with sugars and other unnecessary and unhealthy additions.

This type of addiction is not uncommon. People have long looked to sweets when seeking comfort foods. In fact, some of the earliest sugars that people are exposed to come from breast milk. This is a great source of comfort for babies and thus, it is not surprising that people continue to seek ways to reestablish the feelings of happiness and peace that they felt as infants by looking for more sugar. People who are most prone to eating excessive amounts of sugar are those individuals who routinely deal with unpleasant emotions by eating.

Sugar Addiction – Identifying Foods That Should Be Eliminated

sugar addiction

It is also important to note that even fairly healthy consumers and those who are not prone to emotional eating can also eat an excess amount of sugar. This is because many highly processed and refined foods contain starches that quickly breakdown to glucose within the body. Exposure to these will soon cause people to crave more sugar, in order to support their growing sugar addiction.

For this reason, the best thing that you can do for your body is to steer clear of processed and highly refined food products. You should focus instead on purchasing fresh and natural ingredients and then use these to make your own meals at home. This will limit the amount of unhealthy ingredients that you are consuming. It is also one of the best strategies for long-term weight loss and weight maintenance.

Sugar Addiction – Changing Beverages

sugar addiction

Many of the sugars that people are currently consuming are found in beverages, which contributes to your sugar addiction. Many consumers are drinking far less water than in the past and are instead relying on fruit juices, fruit-flavored beverages, sodas and other unhealthy drinks to slake their thirst. You should know that these are rarely sufficient for properly hydrating your body. Thus, try drinking more water and consume just a few ounce of low fat milk and real fruit juice throughout the day.

Understanding the Detoxification Process

Breaking a sugar addiction is not easy and this is why it is important for people to understand the detoxification process. Most individuals feel sleepy, irritable and restless during the first several days of this type of cessation program. Staying active is a great way to stave off these symptoms. A long walk, short jog or time spent on the treadmill will help the body to produce more feel-good hormones in order to offset these developments.

People should also focus on drinking plenty of water. This will help the body to start flushing toxins out. Some people experience mild breakouts and other visual symptoms while their bodies break down and eliminate toxic residues.

One of the most important things to do during these efforts is to eat regular meals and a number of small, healthy snacks throughout the day. This will keep your blood sugar levels from plummeting. If you let this happen, you will invariably begin to crave the sweet and empty-calorie foods that you are trying to avoid.

One of the best ways to beat your sugar addiction is to choose a meal plan that lets you jump on board right away with everything on autopilot and planned out for you. It will save you time, money and also help you stay on track. Click on the link now for details.

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