Walking Vs Running ? Which One Is Best For Weight Loss

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Walking Vs Running ? Which One Is Best For Weight Loss

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Many men and women jog or run on a regular basis to improve energy levels, maintain fitness, and tone the body, but studies have suggested that waling is an alternative option to achieve balance and healthy function. The following takes a closer look at and asks the question for fitness with walking or running ? Which is best for weight loss.

Walking and running each offer its own set of benefits depending on the purpose or goal that you wish to attain. Taking a brisk walk is considered great to improve your heart rate and enhance overall health and wellness. Taking a job on a regular basis has been shown to prove more effective in shedding those excess pounds for a slimmer and toned body.

Research has revealed that an active run can aid in burning double the amount of calories than if you were to spend the same amount of time walking. This is true for all individuals and whether you decide to engage in such activity in a gym setting on a treadmill or with a quick jog around the neighborhood. For a person weighing an average of 160 lbs, you will burn up to 800 calories within an hour by running in comparison to 300 calories by walking.

For weight loss, recent studies have revealed that even engaging in a brisk walk and coupling this with exercise will not deliver the same results as participation in a run. Runners have been shown to decrease the overall circumference of their waist when performing such activities on a regular basis. This is in comparison to those who spend an equal amount of time taking walks on a daily basis.

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A run that is engaged everyday can prove most effective in the maintenance of a healthy BMI as it keeps the body toned and prevents against the accumulation of fatty tissue. More health practitioners agree that a run or a brisk walk is better than taking a slower stroll because circulation is improved and greater amounts of energy utilized to sustain bodily function – resulting in weight loss. The key is to work on improving overall fitness levels that will allow one to continue to perform higher levels of activity.

Hormones are regulated when engaging in a run, which means that you are less likely to feel hungry provided that energy sustaining foods are provided. The specific peptide hormone responsible for appetite can suppress the need to continuously consume foods in order to remain feeling fuller for longer. This means less calories are eaten with the result that you are better able to maintain the desired weight.

Although a run on a regular basis can help your lose extra pounds, a brisk walk is good for your health. A simple walk around the block for at least an hour can assist in enhancing cardiovascular action. This can aid in experiencing long term balance and wellness.

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If you are interested in shedding those excess pounds and wish to maintain a toned body, running on a routine basis is recommended. A walk everyday also proves beneficial for health in the long term. Incorporating these measures can aid in working towards a state of fitness, optimum well-being, and on-going weight loss.

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