Weight Rebound – Why Lost Pounds Come Back

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Weight Rebound – Why Lost Pounds Come Back

weight rebound

Maybe this has happened to you. You lose thirty or forty pounds and feel really good about yourself. You are wearing smaller clothes and people are starting to notice. Everything seems fine. Then you have a slip up, and another, and another. Finally you go back to your old ways, and all those pounds have come back with a vengeance. Here are some common causes of weight rebound to help you understand what happened.

As a general rule, pounds seem to come back in relation to how fast they were lost. For example, if a person were to lose 50 pounds in three months, they may gain this weight back in less than one year. However, if that same 50 pounds were lost over the course of a year at a rate of about one pound per week, it just might stay off.

The Reasons For Weight Rebound

weight rebound

Part of the reasons for weight rebound, lies in human habit. For instance, you are not fat because you choose to be, it comes about from your lifestyle. In other words, your normal routine is what makes you fat or thin.

The average person sees dieting as a quick fix and is in a hurry to lose several inches from the waistline. When you lose body fat quickly it is a result of your temporary new lifestyle. However, within a few weeks or months, you resume your old lifestyle (the one that made you fat) and you become fat again – weight rebound.  This is plain and simple common sense.

The person that loses 50 pounds in twelve months time has formed a new habit. After all, if you can do something for an entire year, you have a very good chance of sticking with it for the rest of your existence. The new habit made you thin and since it has become your normal routine, it makes sense that you will remain thin.

Losing extra pounds is not hard compared to keeping them off. When you lose weight quickly the body begins to panic. It thinks that a major event has occurred that has limited your food supply. Naturally, metabolism slows and you have a hard time getting rid of those last extra pounds. This results in weight rebound.  From week to week, the scales may read the same or show little loss, and you put in all that hard work. That can make one want to give up and return to the old lifestyle.

Losing weight can make life difficult. You may find that you are thinking about food all the time and the urge to binge is becoming overwhelming. This is your body’s defense mechanism kicking in to get you to eat more. That is something hard to fight.

Weight Rebound – The Take Home Point

weight rebound

As mentioned previously, there are several reasons for weight rebound. Habit plays a big role as does the way that you limit your calories. Hunger hormones are also part of the equation. Eating slowly with more frequent smaller meals can help a great deal, but this has to be part of a lifestyle change. Otherwise, you will return to your old ways that includes an overweight body.

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