The Benefits Of Women lifting Weights

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The Benefits Of Women lifting Weights

women lifting weights

Perhaps you’ve played around with lifting weights or resistance training. However, you just feel out of place. One part of you keep telling you that women lifting weights is okay. Another part tells you it’s not okay. Hence, you feel uncertain, slightly embarrassed, and a little. paranoid.

women lifting weights stereotype

You’ve most likely heard the inaccurate assertions that women lifting weights result in bulky ladies, torn joints, and fat if you all of a sudden stop weight lifting. All of this is untrue, and simply adds to the many misconceptions that make many women miss the benefits of weight lifting.

Most women engage in bodybuilding to keep themselves fit, improve their appearance and strengthen muscles and joints. This type of fitness program enables a person to maintain physical mobility as well as decrease chances of injury from falls. Therefore, resistance training can be beneficial to women as well as men.

women lifting weights

Many women around the world are trying to lose weight. They try many different types of diets, some of which have been known to cause health problems. Lifting weights along with a healthy diet have been proven to be the best way to remove excessive fat from the body. And it is safe. Weight lifting has the ability to shed more than forty percent of the fat accumulated in the body. This is one of the most important benefit of women lifting weights.

women lifting weights large

As a woman, you find pride in looking elegant by wearing sexy and trendy clothes. However, for plus size women, this is usually a dream because the best clothes do not always fit them. There is a solution, however. It is possible for them to shape up their bodies.

Lifting weights, eating a healthy diet, and cardio training – walking, biking, jogging, swimming, etc. – is the way to go. These activities not only reduce body size, but it shape and tone your muscles giving you that body size you desire. Hence, women lifting weights is not a bad thing.

women lifting weights

It is important to note that the primary cause of weight gain in women is the intake of more calories than the body is able to burn. Hence, it is very important to be aware of the amount of calories contained in the foods you eat. Taking in a few extra calories every now and then is not bad if you engage in activities, such as weight lifting and some type of cardio, to aid you in burning those calories.

Weight lifting results in larger, and more toned muscles. When muscles work or function, they burn calories in order to supply energy to the body. Additionally, because the muscles are toned, they burn calories even when you are sitting down or asleep.

women lifting weights

As a woman, you may have numerous issues that lead to stress. lifting weights can be one solution to this problem. Scientists have carried out studies supporting the concept that people who lift weights possess lower levels of certain stress hormones. Therefore, engaging in this activity can cause you to relax and have a greater piece of mind.

Weight lifting can also result in greater productivity on the job, and at home. You tend to feel more energetic and alive. You can even work for longer hours without getting tired. As I mentioned earlier, weight lifting increases the strength of your limbs and joints, reducing the chances of tripping or falling, which could result in injuries. For women with osteoporosis, this benefit of women lifting weights is very significant.

women lifting weights

A person who does not exercise is more at risk of acquiring many dangerous diseases. Since weight lifting keeps the body fit, it will decrease a woman’s risk of getting heart disease, high blood pressure, having a heart attack and developing diabetes. This is because it breaks down the sugars and fats that cause these diseases.

Women, as well as men, desire to have more strength, durability, and confident in all they do: from fitting into their favorite clothes, to doing housework, to participating in sports, to playing with the kids or grand kids, to dealing with stress on the job.

women lifting weights general

I hope this blog has changed your mind about women lifting weightsWeight lifting can be helpful in most areas of your life. So, begin now to add weight lifting or resistance training to your fitness plan. You will be glad you did!

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