10 Of The Worst Workout Mistakes You Can Make

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10 Of The Worst Workout Mistakes You Can Make

workout mistakes

As a former coach, I use to tell my players that ‘practice makes perfect’. After a little thought, I decided to change that to ‘perfect practice makes perfect’. In other words, you can practice endlessly. But if it’s not done correctly, you will never succeed in competition.

The same thing can be said about exercising. If you have poor exercise habits, you will not make significant progress relative to your workout goals. Hence, workout mistakes can sabotage your progress and leave you confused and frustrated. Some of the worst workout mistakes you can make while exercising are as follows:

Not Setting Short Term And Long Term Goals

workout mistakes

Whenever you workout, you should be thinking about your short-term and long-term goals. What do you want to accomplish? Are you looking to increase your cardio time, or are you looking to increase the number of repetitions in your weight lifting workouts?  It’s important to know why you’re going to the gym, and what you hope to accomplish each day and within a given period of time.

Not Changing Your Unhealthy Eating Habits

workout mistakes

Among the most common workout mistakes people make is not changing their eating habits. It doesn’t make any sense for you to put a lot of time and energy into working out if you continue to eat junk foods. It’s like taking one step forward and then two steps backward. You’re defeating the purpose of exercising. If you only eat junk food every now and then, you’ll probably be okay. If junk food is your regular basic diet, however, you are really exercising in vain.

Junk food tends to be high in fats as well as sugars, both of which can lead to weight gain. Junk food can also lead to a number of health conditions. High blood pressure, for example, is a common consequence of eating excess sodium and fats. Sodium and fats are commonly found in junk food. A high-intake of junk food could also lead to other health problems, including diabetes and obesity.

Not Doing Cardio The Correct Waydot

There’s a fine line when it comes to doing cardio workouts. If you don’t do enough you are cheating yourself, but if you do too much you could be hurting yourself.

As a rule, you should not do less than 20 minutes or more than 60 minutes. This zone between 20 to 60 minutes is the fat burning zone. If you do more than this, you will hit a training plateau where your workouts become stagnant and your body “hits a wall”. At this point, you’ll end up not making any more significant progress.

Trying To Lose Weight By Only Doing Cardio

Only doing cardio to lose weight is another one of the most common workout mistakes. In order to lose weight, you need to do both cardio and weight training. If you only do cardio, or excessive cardio, you will lose excessive muscle mass along with the fat. Muscles are needed to give you the ideal body type, as well as to burn calories. Overall, weight lifting builds strength, and cardo builds endurance and stamina. So, as stated earlier, your body needs both.

Constantly Over Training

workout mistakes

If you over train, your appetite will increase and lead to overeating. Instead of over training, add more variety to your exercise program. This will help you stay with the program and can also help you stay physically challenged and mentally stimulated. Workout enough to burn fat and strengthen muscles but not to hit a plateau.

Not Working Hard Enough

When weight training; make certain to pick a weight that’s challenging enough that you’ve got to actually concentrate to complete the last 8-12 repetitions! Do not deceive yourself! Be sure to follow through and finish your whole weight training session for greatest effects.

Try to figure out the best way to improve your tolerance and bring yourself to another level. Jot down your work outs as the weeks go by, and track your improvements. When it seems too easy, try to boost your cardio or weight training. You just may be surprised at how much more you can do.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

workout mistakes

Sleep deprivation will only slow you down from attaining your fitness goals! Generally speaking, one or two nights of poor or little sleep won’t have much impact on performance, but if you make a habit of it, it can result in subtle changes in hormone levels, particularly those related to stress. muscle recovery and mood.

Not Taking Time To Rest And Recover

It is very important to balance your exercise with recovery and rest. This practice will ultimately take you to a higher degree of fitness. Don’t forget, the greater the training intensity and effort you put in your workouts, the greater the requirement for rest and healing.

Eat a small, healthy bite within 30 minutes prior to, and after your workout. I like to drink a small protein shake, especially after working out.

Skipping Your Warm-ups And Stretches

workout mistakes

It’s very important to include warm-up and stretches in your workout routine. Warm-ups and stretches increase your body temperature, lubricates the joints, improves circulation of blood flow, and improves the capacity at which you’re able to move.

Warming up, essentially, tells your body that you’re preparing it to lift, stretch, and move in ways that exceed your other daily activities, and warming up is one of the best ways to avoid injury. Stretching at the end of your workout is also very important. While cardio and weight training can cause your muscles to tense and tighten, stretching right after you’re finished is the best way to increase flexibility and also prevent injury after you workout.

Not Using Proper Technique

workout mistakes

Using proper technique reduces chances for injury as well as increasing the efficiency of your workouts. Consult a personal trainer if you are not sure about the proper techniques during your workouts.






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